LULAC Club Interviews Provide Insight

Mr Herrea, 4 out of the 5 LULAC officers

Scout Gutierrez, Reporter

At Tigers you can find many different types of clubs on campus, but one that has stood out the most is the LULAC Club. LULAC stands for League of United Latin American Citizens, and is one of the oldest Hispanic membership organizations and is locally recognized at our school. It was first introduced on November 12, 2003.  For the 2022-23 school year, the Club Officers are President Johnathan Padilla (12), Vice President Crystal Hernadez (12), Treasurer Briseida Martinez (12), Secretary Jihad Albarati (12), and Sub Secretary Priscila Regalado (11). Mr. Herrera is advisor.

The Officers took time to be interviewed on their experience as a LULAC officers during the 2022-23 school year:

  1. How would you describe the LULAC club?

Mr Herrea’s response:

“LULAC is a highly motivated and proud group of Latino students who want to share a piece of their beautiful culture with Los Banos High School. We want to have a positive impact at this school by promoting a college-driven mindset and boosting student morale through engaging and lively events.”

Jonathan’s response: 

“I think it’s a club that brings students together and adds diversity to our campus by just existing, but we all mentioned it’s a sense of community, family. Just a way for students to take pride in being Latino and show their traditions, their cultures, that should be shared because it is something a lot of people who aren’t generally proud or involved with.” 

Jihad’s response:

“I feel like students who aren’t fully embraced into their culture and want to be more into their culture. It’s a place where you can join, talk to others about your  culture, events like the Dia De Los Muertos one. Dancing. Stuff similar to have fun and show pride in your culture.”

Briseida’s response:

“Although we all have the union of being Latin, we all have different backgrounds, so it’s really cool to see all of those different backgrounds from whatever country you come from still all come together and it is ‘Us’”.

  1. What does the club mean to you? Why did you make the decision to become an officer?

Crystal’s response:

“To me LULAC means to represent the community, express our culture and traditions. I joined LULAC as a way to be a home away from home, and now I am an officer in hopes to have others feel the same way.”

Jihad’s response:

“Last year I had joined too, and I saw all the events they were doing and I thought that this was super cool, so this year I ran for secretary and made it a bigger club, and more people joined. I’m really thankful for this year.”

Briseida’s response:

“LULAC is something I joined in order for me to feel more connected with the students especially in a school where we have so many Latino students; it just makes sense to be more united. I didn’t join last year, but I always saw the events and I thought that we can make this bigger. It was something I wanted to be a part of because it was something that made me feel welcome.” 

  1. What do you think LULAC contributes to the school?

Mr. Herrea’s response:

“I feel LULAC does a great job of boosting student morale and energy through fun events during Hispanic celebrations. Club officers and members are super motivated to bring more of their Hispanic culture to the school.”

Jonathan’s response: 

“I think Lulac is a group on campus to advocate for the Latino students on campus, and for them to take pride in their culture. We also contribute to the school by sharing that culture and making events that add fun to peoples’ day, or brighten up their day a little bit with music and food.  To share what we have, how rich and beautiful it is.”

Jihad’s response:

“At school, there are really not a lot of opportunities of being able to show off your culture if you’re a Latino student, so we are really trying to give that place where you can really show who you are as a Latino.”

  1. Future plans/events?

Mr Herrea’s Response:

We will be having a fundraiser with The Cupcake Lady in December. (Waiting for approval)

We will be having a fundraiser with support from COSTCO in December. (Waiting for approval)

Possible “Posada” also happening in December. (Not 100% sure)

We will be taking a college trip in spring of 2023 (Dates and location: TBD)

Jonathan’s response:

“We want to try to do more, and our biggest plan this year is just to make it bigger and another thing we are trying to do is get in contact with Pacheco High’s Latino clubs on their campus. They have  LSU, and Spanish Honor Society, as a bigger event especially with our Spanish Honor Society on campus. Try to do a collaboration thing because they are our sister school. It would be cool to do a collaborated event.”

Pricila’s response:

“My future plans for the club is to continue having an active club, another one of my goals is to have a dance if not this year but the next, and finally, have a trip for all members.” 

  1. Benefits of joining. (academically, or just in general)  

Priscila’s response:

“The LULAC club gives you the opportunity to learn more about Latin American traditions; you are active in school, you meet more people, and have fun at all the events.” 

Crystal’s response:

“It’s not just academic benefits, but to be proud when you are surrounded by it and you surround yourself with it. If you like throwing an event and bringing everyone together.”

Briseida’s response:

“Having it on campus makes you feel connected with other students even if you don’t know them.”

As a member of the LULAC club, this is one of the most fun and welcoming clubs I have ever joined. After joining, I had nothing but an amazing experience and recommend anyone to join the following years. The events are always hyped and outgoing. it is an experience I believe anyone can have.