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Brandon Rodriguez
My name is Brandon Rodriguez, and I am part of the journalism class of 2017-2018. I joined the journalism class because my friend recommended me to join the class, because he said it was a decent class that would write a lot, but it wasn’t hard. I always found it interesting how a class would produce a school newspaper, because they could report on whatever they want, like sports, teachers, or even adding new rules that would benefit the students. The newspaper could also bring out the flaws of school and as a school, the students can petition towards making the school better, like better bathrooms or better lunches. I always had the idea that writing the school newspaper would get you more involved with the school, and that it would help improve the school and make the students become aware of the school and what is happening in the school. Overall, I look forward to being a part of the school newspaper

Brandon Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

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