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Luke Young
Hey, my name’s Luke and I’m a junior at Los Banos Tigers. This will be my first and probably my last year of doing journalism. I’m not sure what to expect, but maybe, possibly be kinda I don’t know; it might be fun? If not fun, then interesting for sure mainly because of the people I’ll be working with. My interests consists of crying myself to sleep and hating onions (kidding). I actually like watching movies, mainly superhero ones. The things I hate are people who chew with their mouths open and dead Shek memes. If you show me a Shrek meme, I won’t talk to you until I'm 56 years old. Same goes to those Pepe memes. Junior year is the first year I’ll be doing water polo so that’s fun. I did swim for 2 years straight, going for 3. Ok stop reading and click off the page.

Luke Young, Staff Reporter

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