• Senior Grad Night May 29-30

  • Wax Museum May 24

  • Senior Clearance Forms Due May 29

  • Finals May 30-31

  • Senior Assembly/Picnic May 31

  • Graduation June 1

2017-2018 Staff

David Flores

Staff Reporter

My name is David Flores and I am part of the Journalism class of 2017-2018 in Los Banos High School. I joined Journalism class last year, and to my surprise, it was actually very fun! My life is basically music, preferably Cla...

Colten Graham

Staff Reporter

Hi I’m Colten Graham. I am a junior at Los Banos High School. I play four sports: water polo wrestling, track, and swim. I hope you enjoy my work and have a great day.

Wyatt Laguna

Staff Reporter

My name is Wyatt Laguna. I'm new to the Los Banos High School Journalism staff.   I'm very excited to be writing for the Tiger PawPrint this year. I'm what you call a car enthusiast.  I love the idea of automotives. I work...

Giovanni Gonzalez

Staff Reporter

I, Giovanni Gonzalez love to listen to music, play video games, skateboard, and chill with friends. Having a good laugh is always good and making people laugh is what I enjoy. I’m very weird and awkward. I enjoy entertaining p...

Patrick Martinez

Staff Reporter

Hi, my name is Patrick Martinez and this will be my second year on the LBHS journalism team! I enjoy writing all types of articles and have found a good place to put my skills to use. My main goal is to reach people and impact t...

Jorge Ortiz

Staff Reporter

I am a senior and a second year student in journalism. I took journalism at first because I thought it would be fun to be able to write about whatever you want. I later found that it is fun writing about what is going on around m...

Hannah Padron

Staff Reporter

Hola! My name is Hannah Padron, I’m currently a junior at LBHS, and I love classical music, hashbrowns and Studio Ghibli films. When I’m not at colorguard practice, I’m usually drawing masterpieces (That I’ll later ...

Brandon Rodriguez

Staff Reporter

My name is Brandon Rodriguez, and I am part of the journalism class of 2017-2018. I joined the journalism class because my friend recommended me to join the class, because he said it was a decent class that would write a lot, b...

Laura Albornoz

Staff Reporter

Hey! I’m Laura Albornoz and I’m a junior at Los Banos High School. This is my first year taking journalism. On my free time, I’m always with my friends or studying. I love hanging out with my friends and going out on spo...

Siana Barrett

Staff Reporter

Hi, my name is Siana Barrett. I am currently a Junior and the 2017-18 Los Banos FFA Sentinel. I raise dairy cattle, sheep, pigs, rabbits, and poultry. In my free time, I enjoy taking photos across California of dairy cattle even...

Paulo Campos

Staff Reporter

Hello there, name’s Paulo Campos, or as most know me, Major Paulo. I am currently a junior this year and 16, at the time I write this. I look forward to a lot of things, like movies, tv, projects, and of course, Star Wars. I can...

Ian Jordan

Staff Reporter

Hi, my name is Ian Jordan and this will be my first year on the LBHS journalism team. On my spare time I’m either hanging out with friends or I am at home sleeping. I enjoy writing and hope to contribute many interesting art...

Dezare Lozano

Staff Reporter

Heyo! My name is is Dezare Lozano  and this is my first year as a staff writer for the LBHS newspaper. I am a dedicated, hard working, and positive student! This is my junior  year and I thought being in Journalism would be a ...

Susannah Pena

Staff Reporter

Hey! My name is Susannah Pena and this is my first year being in Journalism. I’m currently a senior. On my spare time I’m either at basketball practice or hanging out with friends. I enjoy being out and keeping busy, and I als...

Diego Reynoso

Staff Reporter

Hi. My name is Diego Reynoso. This is my first time in journalism, so I’m excited to report all the interesting stuff that happens this year. I’m a senior and I plan on having a job that involves writing when I graduate. I also...

Matthew Rivera

Staff Reporter

My name is Matthew Rivera.  I am a sixteen year old senior at Los Banos High School. This will be my first year in journalism, and I am excited to begin writing for the PawPrint. I write and produce my own music from my home, s...

Evelyn Rodriguez

Staff Reporter

Hi! I am Evelyn Rodriguez and I am currently a senior here. I love comic books, watching movies with my siblings, spending time with my family and puppy. I love eating In-N-Out, macaroni salad, tuna salad, fried rice and Thai t...

Jorge Sanchez Jr.

Staff Reporter

My name is Jorge Sanchez Jr. I am seventeen years old and I am a senior and this will be my first year in journalism. I’m very excited to be a reporter for the PawPrint team! I don’t write often other than in my English cla...

Amelia Smith

Staff Reporter

Hi! My name is Amelia Smith. I am a junior  here and I love all things sports! I run track and field and I also play basketball. Basketball is my main sport though and  literally my life!  I am in this class because I thin...

Hayley Spadafore

Staff Reporter

Hi, my name is Hayley Spadafore. I am a junior here, and this is my first year in journalism. On my spare time I am either at home watching Netflix or hanging out with my friends. A hobby I like is cooking. I also enjoy spendi...

Luke Young

Staff Reporter

Hey, my name’s Luke and I’m a junior at Los Banos Tigers. This will be my first and probably my last year of doing journalism. I’m not sure what to expect, but maybe, possibly be kinda I don’t know; it might be fun? If not f...

Mrs. McCullough


I'm happy to be advising the Journalism class and helping produce our school newspaper.  I've always had a love for the newspaper industry which began with my own experience as editor of my high school newspaper to many jobs...

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