Vickydel Gutierrez finds her way through photography


Vickydel Gutierrez

Vickydel Gutierrez loves taking pictures in her spare time.

Julian Mejia, Reporter

As the Los Banos High School football season is officially underway, you might see student photographers on the field taking pictures. Out of the photographers you might see out there, Vickydel Gutierrez (12) is one of them to spotlight.

Gutierrez got into photography in sixth grade but did not get serious with it until her sophomore year when she took Mrs. Gallegos digital photography class. She learned everything about taking great photos from that class and mentioned, “My favorite thing about taking pictures is the smile on peoples faces when they realize how good it came out, or how pretty the scenery in front of them is. It also brings me joy seeing people smile at the results that I have for them.”

Gutierrez is very determined to make it to every school event to take many pictures with her Canon EOS Rebel Sl2 camera. She uses 18mm-50mm for close up photos or a 70mm-300mm lens for further shots. She also brings a tripod and a microfiber cloth to make sure her lens are clear for photo taking.

Some challenges she faces are getting in the perfect position for a good shot, people getting in some frames, getting the settings right, and finding a good location to take pictures.

She also says, “I love shooting my photos in manual mode because I have full control of all the settings, such as the shutter speed, the lighting, and the blurriness in the background.”

This year, she will use her photography skills for the LBHS yearbook class to take good pictures for her pages in the book.

It is difficult to pick her favorite photo but one of her favorites is shown here: