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2018-2019 Staff

Colten Graham


Hi.  I am Colten Graham. I play four varsity  sports. I am highly allergic to cats and can't properly digest dairy. I pass my time maintaining my grades. I enjoy weightlifting, cooking, and gaming. I will be helping readers...

Eric Macias

Staff reporter

My name is Eric Macias. I am a senior. This is my first year in journalism. I joined this class because my friend recommended it to me, and said it was fun. I am excited to write about the events happening this year in school...

Fanasy Nelson

Staff reporter

Hey! My name is Fanasy Nelson.  I'm a junior. This year is going to be my first year taking journalism and I'm super excited. In my free time I love hanging out with my friends and traveling. I chose to take journalism because...

Julissa Ochoa

Staff reporter

Hi, my name is Julissa Ochoa and I am a senior. This is my first year in Journalism, and I hope to learn a lot. The reason why I decided to take this class is because I thought it would be interesting to report on school events....

Angelica Sanchez

Staff Reporter

What's up Tigers! I'm Angelica. I'm a senior and ready for an interesting year! I like to draw and paint. I'm a funny and nice person once you really get to know me. I also like helping out with students or school activities,...

Faith Zako

Staff Reporter

Hello, I am Faith Zako, a senior of the 2019 graduating class. I love to read and write. I am in band and no other extracurricular activities. This is my first year in journalism. I hope to learn more about the students here.

Ale Martinez

Staff Reporter

Yo what's up?  I'm Ale.  I am a junior. I like to sing and write. I like to be funny and make people smile and laugh.  I play water polo and I love watching sports.  Football is my favorite. I am in journalism because I like...

Dezare Lozano

Staff Reporter

Hello! My name is Dezare and this is my second year as a journalist. I am a (surprisingly) proud 2019 future graduate and one of my favorite hobbies is talking and making new friends. Hopefully this year the 2019 Journalists will...

Quentin Barcellos

Staff Reporter

My name is Quentin Barcellos. I am a senior. I play two varsity sports which are cross country and tennis. I joined journalism because, personally, I really enjoy writing. I am just not that good at it. This class will hopefully...

Richie Navarrete

Staff Reporter

It's 2018, Richie's 11th grade year at LBHS and he couldn't be anything but happy to be almost out of school. Going into my junior year, I wasn't exicted, but I was more so like let's get through this year so I can finish school....

Lizbeth Martinez

Staff Reporter

Hey! My name is Lizbeth Martinez, and I am a junior. This is my first year in journalism class. I enjoy drawing and listening to music in my free time. I love taking pictures of nature and love photography overall. I can't wait...

Brandon Mandujano

Staff Reporter

I'm looking to write articles that might help students be better learners. I am currently in 12th grade, and I'm looking forward to graduating. I value hard work and family.

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