Election Results

Jim Costa wins again this year in the House of Representatives.

Kristie Boyd; U.S. House Office of Photoraphy

Jim Costa wins again this year in the House of Representatives.

Quentin Barcellos, Staff Reporter

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Midterms have come to an end. All over the United States, voters cast votes for props, governors, etc. They voted on things that will affect not only our city, our district, but things that will affect our whole state.

 Statewide things that were voted on were certain props and who will represent the people in the Senate. Some examples of the props voted on are Prop 1, which would authorize bonds to fund specific housing assistance programs, and Prop 8, which would limit the amount of revenue Dialysis Clinics could make. Prop 1 was voted ‘yes’ on while Prop 2 was voted ‘no’ on.

Californians voted on a senator as well. Both candidates that had any chance of winning were representing the Democrat party. It was Dianne Feinstein who ended up beating out Kevin de León. Dianne Feinstein was running for re-election after being a senator since 1992.

In the Los Banos district, members voted on who would represent the city in the House of Representatives. District 16, which is the district Los Banos is located in had two candidates running, Elizabeth Heng and Jim Costa. Jim Costa, who was running for re-election, won the race.

Multiple elections were going on for district representation and such, but the most important election was for the Los Banos mayor. Mike Villalta ran against Nilson Gomes Filho. Mike Villalta was running for re-election and ended up winning with over 60% of the votes.

Paulina Garcia (12) felt the elections were interesting. She said, “I wish I could go out and vote myself. I’m not 18 though, but I will be next year.”  The majority of seniors will be able to vote next year, since most of them will be 18 by then.

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