Welcoming Mr. Jackson Barcellos to the LBHS Teaching Staff


Jackson Barcellos

Although it’s not what he expected, Mr. Jackson Barcellos is still excited for his first year.

Pio Romo, Staff Reporter

Please welcome Mr. Jackson Barcellos to the LBHS Teaching Staff!

Mr. Barcellos, who teaches Integrated Math I and Foundations,  joins his father, Mr. Joe Barcellos on the teaching staff, to which he looks forward to and stated as “interesting.”

Barcellos grew up in Los Banos, graduating from LBHS in 2014.  He then took his tennis talents up north to Linfield University (formerly Linfield College) and graduated this year with a BS in Mathematics. 

In his first year of teaching, Barcellos imagined the road would have been a lot smoother. However, due to the current pandemic, these plans have been put on hold. He hopes to have his students back in the classroom soon, as he would like nothing more than to overcome the challenges of distance learning. 

“With everything being online, I am trying to make sure everyone has a good understanding of our material before I begin to move on.” 

Mr. Barcellos is also a huge gamer, with gaming and sports taking up most of his free time.

LBHS students and staff are excited to have him on their team.