Three Cities You Should Visit

Nathan Cantor, Staff Reporter

Do you need a senior trip? A place to take an adventure?  There a lot of cities to go in the America. But the top three places or cities stand out the most. And they get people attention and make people just go see the place for themselves. Also there the large cities and they are populated cities. And they lots of things you can do there when you go there. These are three cities in America that you should visit.

The first city that you should visit is New York. New York is the largest city in America. And it has a huge population and many activities you can do there. And many places you can see and explore. Also you can see how its different from other cities and places. And you can try out the food there and see how certain food are different there than from other places you tried it from.

Another city you visit if you haven’t all ready is Los Angeles.  Los Angeles is one of those cities that you would enjoy. This city offers a lot when you are there. And it’s a huge city as well with huge population living there. There is a lot of things you can do there. You can try out many food places there or just explore the whole city. Also go to the beaches or shopping and go walking downtown and admire the city.

The last city you should visit is San Diego. San Diego is another city where you can do a lot of things. You can explore the city and go shopping there. Or you can plan a trip to the beach and go for a swim. And try out the food places there and see how it’s different from other cities or see how it’s similar. Also you can just walk around and go site seeing.

These three cities offer a lot when you visit them. And now you know what kind of things you can do when you are in one of these cities. Also see why many people visit these places when they could. Or they been to the place before but they just like to go there whenever because they enjoy the place. Now you know some things about these cities which one would you go visit first.  Despite the pandemic, there are still places to see and things to do.  Plan your next adventure.