MLB The Show21 Has Fans Excited

Pio Romo, Staff Reporter

MLB The Show 21 is the newest version of the MLB The Show video game series by San Diego Studios. The game is set to launch on April 20, with Fernando Tatis Jr. gracing the cover, and at age 22, he will be the youngest player to do so. 

Although this game is re-released on a yearly basis to accommodate the new year and season, along with a roster update and some minor changes, this year’s MLB The Show game is receiving tremendous amounts of hype by fans. This is not unwarranted, however, as MLB The Show 21 is set to be a huge and ground-breaking game in terms of new features. 

There are two new main features that have caused an exceedingly amount of anticipation by fans. These features are cross-platform compatibility and a stadium creator. 

Cross-platform compatibility is new to MLB The Show and boy is it huge! Essentially, MLB The Show will now be available on XBox consoles, and XBox users can now play against PlayStation users in online matches. This feature is considered ground-breaking as MLB The Show is one of the biggest titles, if not the first, to ever be available to XBox after being a PlayStation exclusive during its entire run. XBox users finally have access to a legitimate baseball game for the first time since 2013, when MLB 2K discontinued their franchise. As for San Diego Studios and the game itself, this is a huge financial success as their markets have nearly doubled in size.

The Stadium Creator feature has everybody up and excited. Previously, users only had access to pre-built fields that included past and present MLB fields, from Polo Grounds all the way to Oracle Park. This brand-new feature allows user to completely customize their own stadiums, allowing them to alter field dimensions, wall length, seating arrangements, as well as access to many scenery and decoration items. This feature also allows users to download other user-made fields as well. For MLB The Show fans, this is definitely exciting news.