Enjoy Summer With Activities To Keep You Busy

Martha Garcia, Staff Reporter

With summer being right around the corner you might be wondering what should you do or how are you going to pass time during the day. Well, with COVID cases still rising, there’s really nothing much to do. With a little creativity, there are some things to make this summer one of the best ever and how to spend your time.

First, we must make sure to take all COVID safety precautions, so that we can all enjoy a healthy and amazing summer. After we do this, we can finally enjoy our summer to the fullest. Some activities we can do is learn a new language.  This can be exciting if you want to travel to the country of the language you learned. Now you may be wondering  how can you learn a whole new language? Well there’s an app for that, personally the one I recommend is Duolingo. Duolingo is available on Android and IOS.  Duolingo gives you daily challenges to help improve your knowledge on the language of your choice.

Another thing you can do that sounds pretty amazing is starting your own business.   You can sell items or help others. Becoming an entrepreneur is great because it can help you invest in your future. For example, you can sell pastries, wood art, cosmetics or help others mow the lawn, walk dogs, clean houses, and so much more to make some extra cash and help out people who might need it. Now you might be wondering how to start your own business?  First, you will need a brand name. Once you have that, you need a form of being able to share your business. Next, advertising through flyers around your town, business cards, or on social media will bring in customers. After that you need supplies to make sure you always have everything you need. Now starting a business can be tricky, but hopefully these ideas might help.

Learning new hobbies, like making bracelets, learning how to cook or bake, maybe get a new pet are also ways to enjoy your time.  There’s so much more you can do so make sure to enjoy every second of your summer so stay healthy and positive.