Alternative Activities To Do During The Summertime

Liset Prado, Staff Reporter

Since most public places have been shut down for the past year, some people are unsure about the things that they can do during the summer. Most will choose to stay indoors and some will choose to go outside, but there´s an uncertainty of what is possible to do.

For those who are planning on going out somewhere, it is best to avoid places with high levels of traffic like shopping malls or any stadium games. A hike in the Yosemite mountains or at Cataract Falls in Marin can be very relaxing, especially if there is a nice view. Even having a picnic while surrounded by trees can be very enjoyable.

Some places in California that a great for having picnics are South Lake Tahoe Park, local parks in Los Banos, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Palisades Park in Santa Monica, or Alston Park in Napa.

Most people when it comes to summer, think about going to the beach, Six Flags, Disneyland, Great America, or going traveling to another country like France. While those are the most fun options to do, it is best to prioritize safety.

Things you can do at home are setting up a pool so that everyone in the family can enjoy going swimming. If that´s not possible then simply having a family barbecue can be very enjoyable as well. Another great option would be to start a garden, whether it be with flowers or food items, so that you could watch it grow over time and gain new experience.

If the heat during the summertime is too much to handle, then go visit a snowy area like China Peak in Fresno, or Mammoth Mountain in Mammoth Lakes ,while keeping a safe distance, so that everyone can stay safe while having fun. The snow can help with staying cool while making unforgettable memories at the same time.

The summertime should be spent as relaxing as it could be, but at the same time keeping safety in mind. Spend some time painting, making ice cream from scratch, or have a family game night, but there will always be options for having fun during the summer.