What will summer of 2021 look like?


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Christina Navarro, Staff Reporter

The COVID-19 vaccine has given citizens a sense of hope for a somewhat normal summer this year of 2021. I hope that people will continue to be vaccinated in large numbers so we all can reduce the spread of the pandemic and to make others have the urge to continue precautions such as having your mask and distancing only until the number of the coronavirus recede. We all want a “normal” summer this year, but it has to be different than the summers we used to have. We can still have the same fun just with more precautions and safety matters.

If you are or soon to be fully vaccinated and are around others who are fully vaccinated as well, it should give you a sense of extra security, but it doesn’t mean not to have your mask on around others or in a public area. Having your mask on whenever you are out in a public place and even taking precautions about the pandemic can save your life and others even with the vaccine in place. Thank you for taking the vaccine or even considering it but please make sure that the rules of the pandemic are still in hand. Our summer of 2021 can still be memorable even with a few changes.

I know a whole lot of people still do not feel comfortable about the vaccine or to even go out in public, but we all just want to be safe and come back home healthier than ever. Summer of 2021 can hopefully still be fun and exciting even with a few worries here and there. We are all hoping we can reunite with our loved ones and continue to take the memorable trips and have summer activities we all once had. The vaccines of COVID-19 can make people more comfortable going out or even going on family trips. If you are not vaccinated, it’s okay because we all are curious and overwhelmed by it. Having the vaccine is not a cure nor something that will make people 100% immune to the coronavirus, but it is something that can make you not get it as badly as going to the ICU or even the emergency room.

Summer will be warm and sunny even with the coronavirus or not. We are all human with a few more worries, but we deserve to have a summer worth remembering. The world will slowly reopen, and people will reconnect even with masks, routine testing, and possibly even vaccine cards to allow them to enter the movie theaters or even restaurants. Summer time will be full of uncertainty, and it all depends on how many people will get the immunization. The country is at a standstill with the coronavirus and the country is about to head into summer time which means family trips, graduation parties, family vacations, even neighborhood gatherings. Wearing masks and being physically distant from others is a good way to make sure you and others are safe inside and outside your home. This summer will hopefully be memorable and fun even with a pandemic in place.