A Day to Celebrate Moms

Stephanie R Sandoval, Staff Reporter

Mother’s Day is a day dedicated to showing appreciation to all the hardworking and loving mother’s around the world. For most people, their mom’s are the reason they strive for the best and for that, they deserve to have a special day just for them.

Rightfully so, in 1914, president Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day an official holiday in order to acknowledge all the mom’s around the world who make sacrifices for their children. Mother’s Day will is an annual holiday that will always fall on the second Sunday of May no matter what year it is. Although Woodrow Wilson passed the holiday, Mother’s Day was established by Anna Jarvis. She celebrated the first Mother’s Day through a service of worship at St. Andrews Methodist Church.

Usually, Mother’s Day is the time where little kids take advantage of their amazing art skills and make an incredibly touching and creative gift for their moms. Almost any mom you ask will tell you that hand made gifts from their kids will mean more than any expensive materialistic thing they could receive. What better way to show your appreciation for the person who gets pure joy from seeing you grow up to be a greatest version of yourself that you can be, than by giving them something that comes from your heart.

There are so many other ways to show your mom that you appreciate her other than making her arts and crafts. One way is by showing her that you pay attention to the things she loves to do. If your mom enjoys cooking, maybe buy her favorite foods, set up the kitchen, blast her favorite songs on the speaker and spend the next few hours enjoying each other’s company. This way, she gets to do her favorite activity and gets to spend time with her kid who made her feel special because they showed her that they pay attention and care for her.

Another heartfelt way to express your gratitude for your mom is to simply wake her up with her favorite breakfast and don’t let her get out of bed for the rest of the day. Mom’s do so much for their children on a daily basis, the least you could do is let her lay in bed for one day and take on all the tasks she would normally do. To her, not having to worry about getting everything done that needs to be done and only thinking about what movie she wants to watch next, is probably more than she could ever ask for.

The most important thing to remember for Mother’s Day is that the main goal is not to bombard your mom with gifts, but to show and tell her how much you appreciate everything she has done for you. Although this isn’t the only day you should spoil your mom, this is the day to go all out. Our mom’s are the reason we are all here today, and every year on the second Sunday of May, she should be on cloud 9 because of how full her heart is.