Five Guys Review

Isaac Flores, Staff Reporter

If you know anything about fast food, you’ve probably heard of Five Guys. The Virginia originated restaurant has received national recognition for its fresh ingredients, giving burger chains like In N Out a run for the title of best quality burger. Of course this ‘title’ is based on public opinion from people online. However, their burgers are not what got them to national recognition. It was their fries; their Idaho potatoes are fried in peanut butter oil until they are fluffy brown. The peanut butter oil is what gives the fries a unique taste.

Five Guys does not just offer burgers though, it offers consumers hot dogs, grilled cheese, and veggie sandwiches. Prices could get pretty expensive if you are used to In N Out’s $6 meal. A full meal at Five Guys will end up costing you almost $15 for a burger at $6.79, regular fries at $3.79, and a milkshake for $4.49. The overall price is more because Five Guys do not offer meal combos, forcing patrons to buy everything at full price.

The first time I went I was pretty disappointed. At the time I was a couple weeks into recovery from COVID,  so I decided to go a second time since I thought that maybe it was the lack of flavor from my taste buds that made the food taste bland. The second time I went was just a couple weeks ago, so I am more than positive that my taste buds are at 100%, but still I was not really satisfied with their food, considering what I paid. The burger was good, but nothing outstanding, however their fries were amazing. Surprisingly, peanut butter oil gave the fries a very earthy taste, which complemented the salty fries well.  

If you are interested in trying out this food chain, there are two restaurants in Fresno.