European Super League Proposed

Yahir Mondragon Ramirez, Staff Reporter

The proposal of the new European Super League is a 20 team competition that involves some of the best soccer clubs and best players from Europe.

Fifteen teams have a guaranteed spot no matter their performance and five are regulated. This league would eventually replace one of the best competitions in soccer which is The Champions League. On April 2021, many soccer clubs like Real Madrid, Juventus, Liverpool, Arsenal and more announced that they would break away from their domestic leagues like the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, etc. to join this new league. The Super League wanted clubs to play midweek so they could stay in their domestic leagues. However, this started a lot of controversy with fans, players, and coaches.

Many people did not like the idea that this new league was labeled the “future of football.” This league would have affected all European traditional leagues because it is taking various clubs from their leagues and fans were furious. Many supporters joined to revolt, take over stadiums, streets, and more. Fans argued that this new league was powered by money. This league took three years in the making and was shut down in 48 hours. Many fans did not like the idea of the league because many teams were not top tier and argued that they have not performed well in many years.

Even though fans opposed the new league and started to revolt, FIFA and UEFA took matters into their own hands as well and warned if players participated in this league, they would be banned from the World Cup. This caused many great clubs to withdraw from the competition. Many players were afraid that they were not going to be able to represent their country in the World Cup and did not want to participate anymore. But, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is hoping to keep his idea alive and create his ideal league for modern football.