Teachers Excited for Students Return to Campus

Douglas Wallace, Staff Reporter

When the Covid-19 Epidemic hit no one knew when we were going to return to school and that created an interesting challenge for students and especially, teachers. How do teachers teach when no one is in the classroom?

The teachers and faculty had to plan on distance learning to get through the school year.  It was a new experience for everyone, but especially, the teachers who had to learn something how to teach through technology to adjust their lessons and ways to reach their students. For many teachers, they felt like they were not teachers because it was difficult to do their job.  Checking into a zoom call and looking at a bunch of names not faces has been the biggest challenge for many on campus. Many teachers lost the connection to their students, that one connection that makes teaching enjoyable and why many of them love teaching in the first place.

Now students are back on campus as of April 6, and back in classes face-to-face with their teachers. Even though we are not 100% back in person, hybrid is a good choice because teachers and students feel like they are back in school experiencing normal school days.  Mr. Halpin, who teaches Economics and Government said, “I love having students back; I feel like a teacher again being able to see them.”

Teachers gained a little bit more enthusiasm when students came back on campus. Mr. Garber, a U.S history teacher said, “I’m really excited to have students back on campus; it feels like the school is alive again after it being quiet all year!”

The only downside to the hybrid schedule is that teachers have to teach the three morning classes, and then they teach the exact same thing over again in the afternoon to the distance learning classes.  This can be tiring and repetitive for teachers.  But even then, teachers are willing to make adjustments with the schedule if it means being able to feel like a teacher again.

With more Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, more students are feeling its safe to return to campus. Next year, classes will be packed once again with students and our teachers will be ready to see them in the classroom.