Disneyland Anaheim Opens To California Residents Only

Liset Prado, Staff Reporter

Last year in March, Disneyland announced that they would be closing their amusement parks temporarily due to Covid-19, and in April of this year they announced that their park will be open to California residents only.

What does this mean now? Disneyland will only allow 15% maximum capacity to keep the amount of traffic in control and to follow the CDC guidelines. The great thing about their reopening is that lines will be shorter and since only California residents are allowed into the park, visitors will first need to provide proof of residency.

Reservations will need to be made well in advance, but be aware that reservations are running out quickly so plan accordingly. Reservations will need to be made for every day that people intend on visiting Disneyland, and once those are made then visitors are allowed to purchase their tickets.

Masks will be required upon entry and groups have to be kept under three households big, so larger groups will not be allowed. Once visitors are inside the Disneyland park, there will be several hand-sanitize and wash stations throughout the park to maintain cleanliness and safety.

Not all rides will be guaranteed to be open, so visitors must expect the possibility of their favorite rides like Radiator Springs Racers or Space Mountain to be closed for the day.

To those who are not California residents, do not worry because there might be a possibility of Disneyland opening for everyone soon, but until further notice, keep an eye out for future official announcements by Disney.