What has social distancing taught me ?


Christina Navarro, Staff Reporter

Social distancing has taught me many things.  I have learned how my community, family, and friends shift to protect our vulnerable populations. COVID-19 has caused myself and most people how self-isolation and social distancing can affect us. A positive piece is that I have been recently thinking on how the pandemic has affected my own life for a while now and came up with a new routine for my daily life. The new routine that I had created which I do follow every single day, has been an achievement for this entire year even with my personal life or my student life.

My very first day of the pandemic, I created a plan, a plan to fit my busy schedule and my academics. I personally thrive on having a routine in place because I am a planner. I had to set up boundaries for myself as well, such as having to deal with social distancing outside of my home and social boundaries when I speak to others.  I am being self-motivated too; it’s where I put myself in a good situation to accomplish goals even when I have external pressure on my shoulders, I continue to get things done. Staying connected is something I have done this past year as well. I sometimes have trouble being communicative when I have a lot on my mind, but I try to make others feel heard even if I turn against myself for a while. I have done so much more to balance my new daily life, and it’s really good for me, and I am proud of myself.

The pandemic has forced me to think about things that are very positive such as protecting ourselves more and taking care of other people. Even taking care of your own grandparents, family, aging partner or yourself, the need for the community, and so forth is extremely important to remember daily. Some feel the need to feel vulnerable, but the rest of us enjoy making sure we stay safe and continue to have a positive impact on ourselves and others.

Distance learning has taught me the true meaning of living in a time of needing yourself or others more than you used too. We are all human, living time where it’s pretty vulnerable and you may feel alone, but if we’re here for each other or if you’re here for yourself, it should be enough for you to see that this story is worth telling.