Summer Vacation Places to Visit

Ruth Fuentes, Staff Reporter

We all have suffered quite a lot these past two years and a break is always needed and well-deserved. With Summer almost here, life seems to be settling down more with COVID rules and  seems to be better as time passes. So here are three summer places any one should consider going to.

First, Hawaii is a wonderful place to vacation.  According to, “As of April 9, Hawaii only has around 100-120 new COVID cases per day and it’s considered a safe destination for US citizens. Therefore, Hawaii is one of the best places to travel in the U.S. during COVID.”

So with these low numbers, families will be able to finally take a break from these two years and enjoy the islands.  Something that visitors can do in Hawaii include the Diamond Head Monument or the Waimea Canyon State Park.  And if you’re looking for a beach day, try Salt Pond Beach Park or Kalapaki Beach. These are amazing places but we can’t forget museums that carry history, such as the Iolani Palace or Bishop Museum. These places are of course only some examples of many places in Hawaii you can visit and relax.

Now off to the next one, that being New Orleans, Louisiana. It has been said by the same website that “Travel restrictions – As of May 14, there is no quarantine or other type of travel restrictions for U.S. visitors. International visitors must bring a negative COVID-19 test taken 72 hours prior to arrival according to the new federal laws. A couple of weeks ago, New Orleans started the 3rd modified phase of its reopening plan. From April 9, the city has extended the hours alcohol can be sold in restaurants, bars, event venues, and breweries.” That means visitors have full permission to explore the city to its fullest, making it a perfect place to travel, not to mention that it is the home of jazz music to which will make a great experience that can’t be missed.

Last but not least, the third location that can be a good place to visit is Burlington, Vermont. According to, “Burlington in general is very safe relative to almost anywhere else in the country. There is *very little* violent crime that is not domestic related. I also rarely ever hear about anything like random mugging or pick pocketing. Even what is sometimes reported as a mugging type crime is really some issue between people who know each other.” And it is said there is almost always something happening in Burlington. Even though this is the biggest city in Vermont, don’t expect tall buildings with streets full of stressed people. On the contrary, Burlington is a lively city full of art galleries and cultural attractions with car-free space lined by shops and restaurants. Take a walk to its great downtown and enjoy dinner, or find one of its many options for pubs and live music on the weekends. On Saturday mornings, visitors can’t miss the delicatessens offered at the farmers market. As for the local restrictions, Vermont has finally lifted its 14-day mandatory quarantine on arrival. However, unvaccinated travelers must bring a negative COVID test taken within three days before arriving in the state, according to Masks are still required in public spaces, proving a safe and beautiful place to visit.

Take a break and relax from this year, and consider one of these places to visit, or go to your favorite place to travel now that restrictions are lifted in many fun and exciting places.