My High School Years: Recap & Advice

Julian Delgadillo, Staff Reporter

Since my senior year is coming to an end all I can think about now is the lessons, memories, and mistakes I have experienced through these four years of high school.

The first lesson I can share is hang out with friends as much as possible. Be involved in school activities with them, hangout inside and outside school. Go to sports games with them, also dances.

Another lesson I can share is be involved in school. Be aware of your grades, school activities and events. Do as much as you can to get the full high school experience because I can say for myself that it flew right by. As a freshman, I would always think that high school will just chug along slowly, but in fact, I was wrong. Play a sport or more than one. I can say that I made a lot more friends and made friendships a lot more stronger by playing a sport. You basically hangout with friends everyday after school for the whole season. Also if you play more than one sport, that is just more fun to add on top of everything. Another thing I can say is try out for a sport you are not familiar with. I always wanted to play volleyball and wrestling, but I always said was going to tryout, then I said I will go next year and then the year after that, and then eventually, I don’t have another year I can go and finally try out. So take advantage while you have time.

Join clubs. I made the mistake to not join a club at all.  This would have opened more opportunities to do fun things and meet more people.

Take classes you actually have a passion for or look towards a career in. For example, I like cars and engines, and I never took an autoshop class here at LBHS, and I can’t tell you how bad I regret it.

Look out for the mistakes I made, and I can assure you that your four  years of high school will be something to remember.