Covid-19 Standards In Mexico Compared To United States


Jorge Garrido

Guadalajara Cathedral gets admired by the public.

Liset Prado, Staff Reporter

Everyone knows the standards and rules that the United States has set regarding Covid-19, but has anyone wondered how other countries, like Mexico, set their standards?

Many people who plan on taking a trip to Mexico, usually think about the family or locations they want to visit like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, or Guadalajara, but they don´t know how the public has been responding to the Covid-19 regulations.

¨I recently went to a small town in Mexico called Tepetatez to visit my family, and I was surprised to see that the people were not worried about Covid-19, since people walked into the little shops without masks or social distancing. When I spoke with family about it, they told me that they didn’t have any Covid cases within that town, so things went back to normal pretty quick. At first a lot of things closed down like the schools, family owned businesses, and events, but everything has been starting up again,” Jaime Prado (10) commented.

In smaller towns of Mexico, if Covid-19 cases have been really minimal or no cases whatsoever, many places are not requiring that people wear a mask, but it all depends on the place.  Businesses ran by the government like gas stations (Pemex), convenience stores (Oxxo), traveling agencies (Volaris), etc. are required to follow the proper guidelines to make sure that everyone is being kept safe.

“When my uncles and aunts took my family and I to Guadalajara, we noticed that more people wore their masks properly while around large groups of people and indoors. There were more signs posted on doors and windows asking people to wear their mask before entering the local shops, so it was really reassuring to know that the big cities in Mexico have great standards when it comes to fighting pandemics,” Jenny Prado, LBHS Alumni, mentioned when asked about her experience.

The United States has given people ages 18 and over access to the Covid-19 vaccines such as Moderna and Pfizer, but in Mexico the vaccines have only been administered to the elderly. Vaccines to those 18 and over are still in process.

In comparison to the United States, Mexico has not put out as many regulations or methods to combat the pandemic. Public life has already begun returning back to normal and majority of its population still does not have access to any of the vaccines.