Where to start your summer vacation?

Nathan Cantor, Staff Reporter

With California opening up on June 12, there are so many options to start off your summer.  From amusement parks to farther away destinations, there are plenty of activities to keep everyone busy and happy to be out and about once again.

Six Flags

Many people like to go on roller coasters because they enjoy them. And some people don’t like roller coasters at all. Either because fear of heights or they just don’t like the feeling of being in one. But for the people who love roller coasters people will know the place called Six Flags. And these are reasons why you should consider going to Six Flags anytime you have a chance.

Six Flags is one of those places where you can do a lot of things while you are there. And it’s a good place to go either with your friends or family so that you can enjoy the place even more. The best time to go is in the summer because the best deals come out.

The first reason is the food they have there. They have different type of foods you can get. Also many drinks to choose from to go with our meal. And they can also have discounts on the foods as well. But make sure to eat then go on a roller coaster right after. I’ll be better to eat at the end or when going to break on getting on the roller coasters.

Another reason is you can get some things from the place. You can play games there and get prizes or just play the games there all day. And some prizes are better than others. It all depends on you what you what to do. And you can against your friends and family too.

Last reason is the main thing which is the roller coasters. There many different roller coasters you could go on. People love certain ones and they love the excitement while on the roller coaster. So when you have time to go you should. You would have a good time, and you might even consider going there every summer.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios is one of those places that you will have fun.  And that you have some good moments when you there. Some people prefer other places or amusement parks. But most people do go to Universal Studios and they enjoy going there. These are some reasons why you should consider going to Universal Studios.  So you can enjoy your moment when you are there.

A good reason why you should go to Universal Studios is the rides. They some interesting rides there that you can check out. Some rides are based on movies other made by ideas. And they also have little events on certain days within the park. Holidays bring a different twist to the park too. For example, during Halloween, the theme will be spooky all over the place.

Another reason to go to Universal Studios is the food. They have food better than others and some are cheaper than others too. There are many different choices, and there are certain food spots that only serve one type of food.

While you are there, you can get some souvenirs  from the park too. One way is to win something at the arcade games, or buy something from the shops nearby. Playing some games and hanging out with friends and family is a fun way to spend your time.

All these reasons combine into one which makes Universal Studios fun to visit. Hopefully, if you have never been yet, you can tell how much fun this park is by these reasons. You may like it better than other amusement parks or it can be your least favorite. There are many Universal Studios in the United States, so take the time and go and visit this amazing place.

Places to Live

In the world there are so places you can live at. People have their own opinion on where it’s a good place to live at. Some people maybe won’t agree with each other. And maybe people may consider going to theses places. After the information on a few places where you might want to live next.

The first place that is a good place to live at is Japan. Japan has many sites to explore and learn about the culture there. And you might learn how to speak Japanese while you live there. Also you could maybe meet new people there. And they can show you more things in Japan and show you some good food places.

Another place to live at is Australia. Australia has pretty good sites you can see there. And there are tons of animals. Also there are different options to to live. You can live near the clear beaches or go live near a huge city. Or try to go see the “Great Barrier Reef” while you live near it. And go see some coastal landmarks around Australia.

A last place you can try to at is Greece. Greece is one of those places where there is a whole bunch of things you can do there. Greece has a lot of ancient Greek ruins you see and explore. And you feel different while see something that is in front of you that was built a very long time ago. Also you can go see the clear blue beaches around Greece and enjoy some Greek food while you relax there.

These are some of the top places you can live in the world. And all these three places have some good reasons why you should live in one of these places. They all have some pretty good sites you can see. But it depends on the person who goes there. Now that you know some places that might have your interest which place you would chose from.

How are you going to spend your summer?  Leave us a comment of what adventures you plan on taking very soon.