A Senior Reflection: My Years In Recap

Douglas Wallace, Staff Reporter

My senior year has been an interesting one for sure. The school year of 2020-2021 has been the most unique of any year I’ve experienced.

It started with distance learning being in full effect; it didn’t really feel like I was back in school. I was just in a zoom call. I really struggled with feeling like I needed to do work and letting it pile up, my advise for that would be to take distance learning seriously or else you’ll have a mountain of work to get through. I did enjoy being able to do school work from the comfort of my own home it was enjoyable.

I did really miss being able to see friends during distance learning. If I had any advise to give to underclassmen, it would be to commit to your work and have pride in it. When you get things done, you’ll have a lot of free time to focus on other things. I would also say yes, i’ts very important to have pride in your work, but messing up one assignment is not the end of the world. Many teachers will give you chances to fix it or have other ways to increase your grade.

Most of all try and enjoy the time you have. I know we all say that the time fly’s by, but it really does. I feel like I was just a freshmen on my first day, and now I’m about to graduate.

I am going to miss Los Banos High, as stressful as it got sometimes, I still enjoyed my time here. I am looking forward to graduation, and after high school, I am headed to Merced College here in town. My goal is to become a physical therapist or something in the medical field.

I will always keep my memories of high school very close to me.