A Senior’s Reflection: A Bittersweet Moment

Jesus Garcia Elizalde, Staff Reporter

All good things must come to and end. This Saturday, June 12, my high school years are over. I will not be walking through the front gate any more or rushing out of the gate after school so I can beat the traffic.

Looking back at my years at Los Banos High, it is disappointing how our senior year went down. We never got to experience a lot of normal things on campus because we spent the majority of our senior year behind our screens. I’ll never forget this year, and it’s a story that I hope to some day tell my kids about.

A lot of good and bad came from this year. I am not going to lie, it was pretty easy, but with that came a lot of bad habits, like procrastination. I struggled a lot with staying motivated for school because I wasn´t in my normal learning environment in which I´ve been use to all these years.

My friends and I, and all the seniors missed out on a lot this year. We couldn´t experience what a normal first day of school was like and we weren´t able to have normal sports seasons. During football season I used to really look forward to Fridays because that was when the games were and opportunities to see friends and hand out, but for this year, that wasn´t the case.

Looking back, our senior year was like none other. It was unique in a way we´ll always be known as the class that finished the majority of their senior year online, behind screens. I´m happy that the school year is over, and that I´m finally graduating, but I´m also pretty bummed that my high school years are over all together.  It’s a bittersweet feeling.