Ms. Barcellos joins LBHS once again


Evan Rebosa, Reporter

Ms. Alexis Barcellos, a new science teacher, is back at her Alma mater, but as a teacher.

Barcellos graduated with the Class of 2013.  After she graduated, she attended Stanislaus State for one year and San Joaquin Delta for one year.  Then she finished at Arizona State University for three years with a degree in kinesiology.

She has taught seventh grade science for three years at Creekside Junior High.  She now teaches two classes of biology and three classes of human anatomy and physiology. She likes teaching high school because she said, “High school students are more self sufficient than middle school students.”

Her favorite hobbies include traveling, anything to do with sports, and running with her dogs.

If you did not know she is not the only Barcellos working at LBHS. She joins her brother, father, mother, and her little sister.  All are teachers except her little sister who is a student athlete. When asked how it feels to work at a school with her family she said, “Surprisingly, I go days without seeing them, but it is good to know they are there for questions.”

She also stated that she is excited for sports and being involved with the Class of ’26 which she happens to be class advisor. It is safe to say that Ms. Barcellos has her students in good hands.

Come by room 411 and say hello.