New Teacher Joins Math Department For Integrated 3 Class


Julian Mejia, Reporter

The Los Banos School District faced new hires across all campuses for the 2022-2023 school year.  As a new Integrated 3 math teacher, Mr. Anthony Regalado joins the high school staff.

Mr. Regalado turned to teaching as a career because when he was a student, he liked some of his teachers and how they taught. He grew up looking up to his teachers and wanted to follow their paths. He has also been interested in math ever since he was introduced to it in school.

Mr. Regalado has been in the city of Los Banos since he moved here in 3rd grade and graduated from LBHS in 2009. He went to Merced College right after graduating to get his AA in math and accounting. He states, “I worked at Rick’s Auto Body here in town to earn some money to go into a CSU where I can get my BA in math and get my teaching credentials.” 

Mr. Regalado’s first year of teaching so far is described as a blessing and that the year is going well. One of his biggest challenges so far is getting first period started as it is the first period of the day and many students are still not awake even with the new school schedule.

Outside of teaching, Mr. Regalado mentions playing “Magic The Gathering” a lot,  playing with toy decks for “Commander,” and also playing with his pets and video games a lot.

Be sure to give a Tiger Welcome to him in room 520.