Ms. Barcellos Joins the PE Staff


Tyler Spadafore, Reporter

The new school year has begun and with the new students coming in, there are some new teachers as well. The Physical Education department welcomes a familiar face, Lynn Barcellos.

Barcellos was a physical education teacher at Creekside Junior High School, as well as the boys and girls tennis coach here at Los Banos High School for many years. She has made the transition to become a high school physical education teacher and weight training instructor. When asked about the transition Barcellos said she has always wanted to teach at Los Banos high school.

Ms. Barcellos went to college at BYU on an athletics scholarship and then transferred to Stanislaus State and gained a degree in both kinesiology and physical education.

Barcellos said, ¨If you love science, you will like learning to become a physical education teacher.¨

When asked about if teaching at the high school will affect the way she will coach the tennis teams, she said that it will affect it in a positive way because she will be closer and more available for all of her players both girls and boys tennis.

Give a big Tiger welcome to Ms. Barcellos!