Students Attend Club Rush


Emma Newcomb and Brandon Looney

Club Rush brings new interests to students.

Emma Newcomb and Brandon Looney

Club rush was held on August 26 at the Tiger gym, introducing old and new clubs for the students to join.

The booths at Club Rush were arranged in a horseshoe shape to allow the students the best chance to walk around and see all the clubs and decide to join a few during their 2022-2023 school year.

These are some of the old and new clubs students can join.

Anime Club started up in 2019 and meets Wednesday and Fridays in room 20 at lunch. Anime Club allows students to talk about anime, dress up as their favorite characters,  and vote on anime.

The GSA Club (gay straight alliance club) started in 2019 as of now has no set meeting days, but meets in either room room 20 or 25 at lunch. This club promises to provide a safe space for LGBT youth as well as educate those who support the LGBT and prides itself on providing that safe space and education for its club members.

The Dungeons and Dragons Club is a new club starting this year and meets on Mondays in room 20 at lunch. The Dungeons and Dragons Club provides a fun mix of communication, teamwork, and a new experience and strives to educate those who might not know about the game but are still interested in playing the game.  The club’s overall aim is to spread their love for the game.

The Creative Writing Club started a couple of years ago and currently has no set day for their meetings, but meets in room 511 at lunch.  The goal of the Creative Writing Club is to write but gives space for new ideas and boosts its club members’ confidence.  The club is completely open for people to let their ideas come to light.

Gaming Club restarted in 2014 and meets every Tuesday at pride time and at lunch and Thursdays at lunch in room 2. Gaming Club is a great way of making new friends and talking about any type of video game. It is a great place to hang out. The Gaming Club sometimes has tournaments of any game such as Smash Bros, Mario Kart, etc.

The Interact Club meets monthly and is a club based on community service.  Students wanting to be involved in their community and give back can participate in activities sponsored by our local Rotary Club and community organizations.  Meetings are once a month in room 43.