Ms.Toscano joins the science department


Jackson Silva, Reporter

Ms. Amelia Toscano has taken a step from studying wine to teaching chemistry and joins our staff this year.

Toscano, the former Pacheco chemistry teacher has moved to her Alma mater to teach AP Chemistry and College prep Chemistry.  Although she is teaching in the same town, ¨the overall experience is much different,¨ said Toscano.

The newest teacher in the science department is extremely excited to be here, but this was not always her plan. While at Fresno State, Toscano’s major was enology, which is the study of wine making.  Toscano worked in the wine business for 10 years, but later decided to move back to Los Banos and pursue her teaching career.

Ms. Toscano has two children, Carmela and Roman. Carmela is five and Roman is three.  When Ms. Toscano is not working, she loves spending time with her children.

Since it is Ms. Toscano’s first year at Los Banos High school, the summer before the start of the school year was a summer of preparation.  Not only did Toscano have to take a one week course for her AP class, but she has also started in a program at UC Merced for her teaching credentials.

Now that Toscano has worked here for a few weeks, she is starting to love it. From the great students to finding lab ideas, it is all worth it when teaching at Los Banos High.

Be sure to stop in room 408 to say hello.