Coach Arthur Testani gives insights against Hilmar


J. Barcellos

Los Banos football captains participate in a coin toss.

Jose Alejandro Esquivel, Reporter

Coach Art Testani gave his team predictions for the Los Banos Tigers before the team’s big game on August 26 against Hilmar, where the varsity team lost 21 to 7.

After having a great game against Dos Palos, Tigers linemen Coach Art had a few things to say about the Tigers big game against Hilmar. First question asked was what was his feeling towards the team ? In his response he stated, “The great thing about this team is that we are relatively young; however, that is an advantage because here at the varsity level, we have mostly juniors and seniors, but we also have two quarterbacks that have been with us since their sophomore year. Most of the linemen on both sides of the ball that I am responsible for are juniors, so we are developing a lot of depth so we can compete this year but be better next year.”

On the next question he was asked if there were any players that stand out specifically  and his answer was straight forward, ” That’s a great question, sure individuals are great, but I have always been a team where we have to win and do well as a team.” Team spirit was evident in the game.  Fighting  hard together as a team, the players were able to hold off Hilmar for a while until the third quarter. Coach Testani was proud of how hard the team fought the entire game.

On his final question he was asked where the team needed most work and he stated, “The team needs to continue to always emphasize the team first because this is a very demanding sport and as soon as you put yourself first before the team, it’s over. ‘I wish I got the ball more; I wish I got more tackles,’ that’s fine, but what was the scoreboard? If we are winning, we all win. ”

Coach Art’s prediction against Hilmar was straightforward with him stating, “That we need to keep the game in the 4th quarter.” As the coach had stated, the team did indeed hold Hilmar to the 4th quarter, but they just got the better side of the moment and Hilmar was able to get ahead of the Tigers.