Historic Heat Wave Hits California

Evan Rebosa, Reporter

A heat wave lasting several days made history for California. On September 5-9, the state, especially Central Valley experienced the highest temperatures of 115 degrees, a record breaking heat wave for Californians.

Some schools during that week even canceled or let students out early from school.  A lot of sports events were postponed or canceled and practices were later in the day or canceled. This was difficult for many students who play on a sports team, especially the football teams because students only had their first week of football.   They had to adapt to temperatures and shorten practice times.

Assistant girl’s tennis coach, Mr. Jackson “JT” Barcellos said the heat affected his team. He said, “The plan of attack for practice was changed severely in length. We had to take more breaks and delay practices.”

Californians also received a warning on their phones about conserving energy because the state power grid was at capacity. This worried a lot of people because how were they going to stay cool indoors minimizing electricity in 115 degree heat.

This heat wave was caused by a “heat dome.”  A heat dome is a lid of atmospheric pressure trapping the hot air over California.  The heat wave was the most modern historic heat wave in recent history.  Many records were broken in several west coast states, as well as into Montana and North Dakota areas during this time period.

This affected our high school by classrooms were filled at lunch for cold air, PE was indoors, and it was miserable for all students walking to and from school or around campus from class to class during the heat wave.