Checkmate! Chess Club Begins on Campus


Ramon Mondragon

Jamon Cannon contemplates his next chess move.

Ramon Mondragon, Reporter

It is the beginning of the school year and clubs are back and starting up again. The Chess Club is a new club offered this year.

This club began on September 6, but students can join and play whenever the club meets throughout the year.  Meetings are during lunch in room 33 with Mr. Jeff Stepro every Tuesday of the month. He was super excited to help start the club and be the advisor saying,  “I’m really proud of Lester Sanchez for his initiative.  The Chess Club is now possible because of him and his peers.”

Jamon Cannon (12) is a member of the club, as well as the club’s secretary.  “I joined the chess club for one day to get a feel of the environment and interviewed a couple chess players as well.”

Not all members have experience playing the game.  There are many club members who are willing to teach others how to play.  “Chess club isn’t only for people who know how to play chess, but for people who want to learn how to play as well,” Cannon added.

The environment of the class was very kind and fun, lots of people playing chess, laughing with friends and people just being themselves.  When asked why students come to play chess at the chess club, Josiah Ojeda (12) said, “I play because I enjoy playing the game because it involves critical thinking and I have friends here too.”

He also said, “Chess club is a great experience even though I do not know how to play the game; it was just fun being around everyone and watch everyone play with passion and excitement. Also there may be a tournament coming soon and anyone can join and play.”

Students interested in playing chess can come to room 33 during lunch and sit down to have a fun time with other students or friends.

Adian Souza (12) plans his strategy against his opponent.