Heat Wave had LB Melting


Nevaeh Prado

Mike Bonillas and Chris Ordunez, and Mike Tate spend most of their work days outside.

Nevaeh Prado, Reporter

Did you melt in the heat last week when temperatures reached 115 degrees? Security and students suffered in their own way whether walking to and from school, sitting outside for lunch, or working outside.

After speaking with security guard Mike Bonillas about the major heat wave, he said it was uncomfortable working in the heat. He, along with other security guards, had to make sure to rotate positions, take frequent breaks, and stay out of the sun as best as possible.

Did the school do a good job keeping its staff hydrated and safe in the heat? Bonillas said the school did do a good job by giving water, making sure all outside staff were hydrated and taking breaks as needed.

He said, “I think that Mrs. Guiterrez did a great job considering the unprecedented heat wave that we experienced.”

Senior Scout G. said she became very dehydrated and lost a lot of weight from walking to school and home after school in the heat. She said the heat made her walk slower, and she was a little bit late to class, but fortunately, she was not marked absent.

After being asked if the school did anything to help students with the heat she said, “They didn’t really do anything and no one wanted to be in the MPB room because it was crowded with everyone’s body heat.”

She stated she would like for the school to be able to provide water for students who walk as their transportation to and from school in attempt to help with the heat even a little bit. She also said it would be nice for the school to have more shade or trees for students to be out of the sun in the summer time.