Elvis: Movie Review


Alexandria Perez, Reporter

The new hit movie Elvis is out in theaters now. It covers the entire life of the “King of Rock.”

Starring movie star Austin Butler perfects the aspects of Elvis Presley. This movie covers the rock and roll lifestyle of Elvis Presley from his childhood, his marriage, and his death. The movie was released in America June 24, 2022 and was directed by Baz Luhrmann. Many people grew up with an Elvis  obsessed relative and seeing his story recreated by someone else creates an incredible viewing experience.

The movie covered the life of Elvis Presley and talks about his rise to fame. From his young age and gaining a love for music, however the type of music he enjoyed was not “white” music. Presley enjoyed the jazz and rock type of music which made him different in his time. His manager, played by Tom Hanks is on his death bed, reminiscing on his life being Elvis’s manager. Elvis’s popularity grows and grows and he gains fame quickly throughout his career. He becomes the most famous man during his era and his fans loved him, both musically and on the big screen as an actor. He married Priscilla Wagner whom he met when he was recruited in the army in Germany. They ended up having one child, Lisa Marie Presley.

Throughout his marriage, he was unfaithful to Priscilla due to the fame and drugs Elvis took. Austin Butler, who played Elvis Presley, nailed the acting when it came to his drug abuse and singing as well. Butler perfectly impersonated Elvis Presley with his voice, dance moves, and spunk Presley had throughout his life. Austin Butler trained for this role for over two years prior to filming to perfect the Elvis Role. Butler  worked super hard along with his co-stars, Tom Hanks, Olivia DeJonge, and many more. This movie falls under a biography, musical, and musical drama.

The costumes, the actors, and the performances were beyond spectacular. It felt authentic and true to life.

I loved this movie and highly recommend it to anyone who loves Elvis Presley.