Need to Prepare for College? Meet AVID!


Tyler Spadafore

Ms. Benton teaches an AVID class this year.

Tyler Spadafore, Reporter

A new elective is being offered to the students of Los Banos high school and that elective is Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID).

What is AVID you may ask? AVID is a nationwide college readiness system in which educators are taught to hold students highly accountable while providing them with the academic and social support they need to rise to the challenge. Students learn skills needed to continue in school as well as college.  The program is meant for students with high academic potential, a willingness to work hard, and the desire to go to college.

AVID is an all-year academic elective for students to take all four years of high school.  Their ultimate goal is upon graduation to enroll in a four year college.

Ms. Mariana Jimenez and Ms. Mikell Benton are the AVID elective teachers.  Ms. Jimenez teaches AVID for 9th and 10th grade and Ms. Benton has the 11th grade level.  Twelfth grade will be added next year.  Benton, who has taught AVID at the junior high level said, “AVID helps with note taking, critical thinking skills, public speaking, and being in more rigorous classes to prepare for college courses.”

Students interest in taking AVID must ballot for the class, and beginning next year, they will also be interviewed to ensure students are taking the class for the right reasons because of the rigorous work throughout the year.  This year they did not interview because the school just brought back the program.

Tutors are available as well to assist students in AVID.  This year, senior AP students, Cami Curutchague and Evelyn Baker are tutoring.  A new ballot option will be offered next year to AP students who would like to become tutors.  They would ballot for the class, and this opportunity will look good on college applications and resumes.