Ms. Soto newest Success teacher hired

Gregg Schaefer, Reporter


Ms. Maria Soto is the newest Success 101 teacher hired this year.  With years of teaching experience throughout many districts and grades, she helps any struggling student be successful in school and in life.

Ms. Soto has taught throughout a multitude of districts such as the Waterford Unified School District and Livingston Union School District, as well as her own Alma Mater, Livingston High school and Golden Valley High.  While previously working in these districts, she started as a substitute, then earned her credentials for a teaching position. Ms. Soto also has experience with younger and older students.  In addition, she held a teaching position at a parochial school for eight years and taught as far as Kern County to teach Adults ESL, English as a Second Language, helping them achieve the necessary high school credits to obtain a GED.

Even throughout all of the moving around the many districts, she achieved a Masters Degree in Education and Curriculum and Development. All these experiences and education have granted her many insights, teaching styles, and beliefs that makes her more then qualified to help struggling students.

Ms. Soto shares her belief that if teachers were to teach through the perspective of child development, they could easily and quickly bring any struggling student back to the level that they deserve to be at. Teaching through this perspective also leads to easier classroom development and management, according to Soto.

This viewpoint is backed by her love of helping children who struggle and being an advocate for their concerns, struggles, and voices to make sure the students who struggle get the education and potential that they deserve.

Ms. Soto has even used these philosophies to improve her own children. Her own two children are graduates of colleges, another two are currently within college, and one is in high school and another in junior high.

Outside of school, she is just as positive and caring as she is within her classroom. Her hobbies include to community service projects and she also loves to work in food service/customer service. She currently works grave shift at the Denny’s in Livingston.

Overall, Ms. Maria Soto is a very caring and loving teacher who wants to bring all struggling children back to the potential and skill they deserve to be at. Come give her a Los Banos High welcome in room 35.