Explore Dungeons & Fight Dragons with the D & D Club

Explore Dungeons & Fight Dragons with the D & D Club

Gregg Schaefer, Reporter

The Dungeons & Dragons Club is a brand new club offered this year. It is a club of  imagination and fantasy and will teach players the game of D & D to understand the many aspects of the massive game of Dungeons & Dragons.

The D&D club was created because of the growing popularity with certain shows and online podcasts which has created a popularity for the game. The main purpose of this club is to teach those who are interested about the game itself by first teaching through the basic rules of the game and the process of creating a character in the game. In addition, the club will help with an understanding of the mechanics of the character attributes and game features, and then finally teaching how the leveling process works.

For those who are really interested in other aspects of the game such as being a Game Master (GM), this is the person that runs the game and guide the players along the adventures or people interested in playing adventures outside of the school, the D & D Club will help get the group together and help schedule them as well.

During club meetings, the club will take the first four to five meetings to teach the fundamentals of character creation for those who do not know or are just simply curious about it. They start with teaching about the characters fantasy race and what they add mechanically to each character.  Then your characters fantasy class and how the game explains their features, and finally your character’s generalized background and what ties that characters has before they went to adventuring life.

The D & D Club then will hold PvP, Player versus Player events after school about one per month to allow them to explore actual game play and the more combat and possibly even the more social role play aspect of the game if the players’ decide for their characters to do such a thing. The club will also use the PvP events to help teach amateur players or excited GMs to learn the aspect of running a game for players and help manage some of the struggles of running the game of Dungeons & Dragons.

The club and the game itself also adds more to a student’s experience and learning within school, as you can actually enhance your social skills and sharpen problem solving skills throughout the game with the various puzzles that players encounter in the game or persuade a dangerous creature or a god to not continue on their path of rampage. So there is a lot more to learn and experience from the game of Dungeons & Dragons then just to make a character and roll dice.

The D & D Club meetings are hosted in room 20 with advisor, Ms. Zorra and president is Cody Ruiz (12). Come and join us within this phantasmal world of Dungeons & Dragons and we will sing songs and tell awesome tales about our adventures together.