Is Modern Feminism a Problem?

Emily Zaragosa, Reporter

On September 16, Mahsa Amini, 22, was brutally beat and killed by the Iranian morality police for “dress code” violations for not wearing her hijab correctly in public. Amini was sent to the hospital under claims from the police of a “heart attack” and later died while she was in a coma. During her own funeral, Iranian women gathered in protest, took off their hijabs, and chanted against their own dictator.

Feminism protests in Iran still continue, bringing women together to fight back for the unfair death of Amini and demand change. Though this is no surprise; women all around the globe have been protesting for their rights for centuries. But some may argue now, with all of this chaos and fights, is modern feminism a problem?

The definition of modern day feminsm has been distorted over time by news and media. Third wave feminism can be defined as a newly improved way to “advocate for a choice.” With movements like “My body, my choice,” the “Body Positivity” movement, and the “Me Too” movement, it is clear to see modern day women want one thing: freedom.

Though in other countries besides the United States, some may have it worse than others, with worsening restrictions in what women can and cannot do and what women can and cannot say. The need for a change is growing stronger; and there is only so much time until a new fight for a change begins.

The concept of inclusivity of only women being allowed in current feminism is immensely mistaken. Men too, have had the opportunity to speak out with the “Me Too” movement and show their support or own experience with the “Body Positivity” movement in the U.S.

Yet, does the idea of this kind of self love and acceptance come at the cost of men? According to, “About three-in-ten men say women’s gains have come at the expense of men.”

The idealism of feminism being against men, being “man haters” and needing to be “superior” is far from the truth.

Coming from a woman like myself, I have to disagree. While although any kind of beliefs may have “extremists” that will go to these “hating” lengths, those cannot speak on behalf of majority of true equality feminists.

Modern feminism, in this day and age, can be deemed as low as “hostile” and “aggressive” from those who are opposed to feminism. Women who show their enraging passion for unfair circumstances affecting their lives are labeled “too emotional” and “crazy”.

Take the recent protests in Iran for example; women were caught in open fire from the Iranian police for fighting against their dictator to go against religious restrictions and unfair gender restrictions.

Take the recent pro-choice abortion protests in America; women’s bodily rights are being denied by the Supreme Court for overturning Roe v. Wade back in June. More and more states are denying the rights to an abortion and creating  criminal restrictions for healthcare professionals that perform an abortion.

To live in a world, where your worth and rights are based off of your gender is wrong.

Modern feminism is not a problem. Protests are not a problem. People who are against equality for all genders are the problem.

No one’s value should be based on their gender. The feminist movement is utilizied to bring equality and embrace femininity, not create more chaos and problems.