It’s PSAT/SAT time. Are you taking them?

Emily Zaragosa (11) prepares for testing later this month.

Madison Richards

Emily Zaragosa (11) prepares for testing later this month.

Madison Richards, Reporter

With the PSAT and SAT offered at the end of October,  there are many questions flying around about them.

Students want to know where do they take them, what kind of information is on them, and how should they study to prepared to take one of these tests. Well look no farther because here is everything you need to know.

The PSAT is on October 25 and will be offered here on campus for eleventh grade. The SAT is for twelfth grade and will be on October 27 on campus. Students sign up with their counselor.  Then, students will receive an email confirming that the student still wants to take the test. It will also show  the fee that students have to pay to take the test and where and how to pay it.

The tests have three sections. For each section, students will be given an amount of time to finish each one. Both of these tests will take around three hours including breaks. The three sections of the tests are evidence-based reading, writing and language, and math.

By taking the PSAT and the SAT, students can get many scholarships. Students will be able to see a rough score soon after the test, but they will not be able to see official scores until December. The best score students can receive is 760; anything lower than 160 is not good.

Most colleges are no longer requiring these tests for admissions.  Students should check college requirements when applying and plan ahead if a test is needed.  Colleges like seeing that students have done these tests because it shows that students are willing to do the most in school for good grades and to graduate. Also by taking these tests, students will increase chances to receive scholarships which can help pay for tuition.  This can help students get accepted into your first pick college as well.

So are you going to sign up and take the PSAT or the SAT?

If you would like to get more in-depth about one of these test, vist Kaplan where most of this information came from.