Gaming Club continues to attract students

Mr. Garber is the advisor for Gaming Club which takes place twice a week in room 2.

Mr. Garber is the advisor for Gaming Club which takes place twice a week in room 2.

Evan Rebosa, Reporter

Did you know that LBHS has a Gaming club?

Our Gaming club, a very fun and interactive group, is up and running this year.  It is a club held by history teacher, Mr. Garber since 2014. They have meetings and tournaments on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch. Some club members volunteer their own consoles in which they win or lose on for bragging rights.

When asked how does the gaming club benefit students, Garber said, “It creates a fun and safe environment into gaming and sportsmanship.”

Anyone can participate,  but club members do have favor and if students are not in tournaments, they can play a fun game in the back. The most played consoles are the Nintendo Switch, PS3, and the Xbox 1.

Garber shared his thoughts on the Nintendo switch saying, ” I didn’t think it would be popular, but the switch is capable and portable. I’m surprised how good it is.”

If LBHS did have a esports team, Mr. Garber would kindly pass on coaching it.  He said, “It would be cool, but it is lots of responsibility, practice and trips. It would need a full time coach for it to run like a sport.”

The change in the gaming world is happening right in front of our eyes and Garber says,” It has moved to a lot more online and interactions. I loved sitting with someone and playing. Online changed that, but this club has brought I back. More online lot; less couch co-op. Mostly stayed the same, but now it’s more accessible.”

If you are interested in the gaming club, go to room 2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and meet Mr. Garber and the club to play some video games.