Yearbook Plus is now available for a digital experience


Julian M

Yearbooks are now offering a digital platform to view more photos from the year.

Julian Mejia, Reporter

Yearbooks have moved to the internet as a new, digital experience for students.  Yearbook Plus is new to many schools in California, and Yearbook staff members at Los Banos High have launched the full program after only opening up part of the program last year.

What is Yearbook Plus?  It is a way for every student to upload his or her own favorite photos to the digital platform of yearbook. When a student goes on, they need to verify their identity prior to submitting photos.  YBK + will ask students for their email. The students email will then be compared against a student list with emails that the staff uploaded into the Jostens program. If the email is a match, the YBK+ site will immediately send a four digit, one-time pass code to that email for verification. Once the four digit code is accessed, students will be able to go into YBK +.

There are QR codes in the yearbook to scan so that students can see their own photos that they have uploaded through Yearbook Plus or extra photos the staff uploaded to showcase more of the school events. The QR codes will be in front of the yearbook and when scanned by a cell phone, it will launch the digital experience. Once scanned, YBK + will have a welcome screen with a quick tutorial on how to use it.  In the yearbook there will be icons that can be scanned and opened only by YBK + which opens up more digital content.

Students will be able to add up to ten personal photos to attach to their own portrait used in the yearbook.  In addition, the digital program will allow students to submit photos on topics that are set up by staff from yearbook, such as any sports pages, dress up days, classroom activities and so much more.

YBK + will feature all the end of the year activities after the yearbooks are printed. This program enables all events to be included in the book, although not printed.  At the end of the yearbook, there will be a page dedicated to these end of the year events, such as the fair, prom, and graduation. There is no app required and all content is secured.

Help to save and document your memories throughout the year and share them with yearbook through the YBK + program.