Class of ’23 Players Say Goodbye to Their Last Football Season

Saying goodbye to their final season, Kayson Welch and Ayden Barcellos learned about themselves and their teammates through the game of football.

Saying goodbye to their final season, Kayson Welch and Ayden Barcellos learned about themselves and their teammates through the game of football.

Alexandria Perez, Reporter

Seniors on our varsity football team say goodbye to their last year of high school football. Even though it is a sad feeling, it is also bittersweet. All the memories they’ve made throughout their high school years and all the friends they’ve made through football will be missed.  We officially have one more football games till our football season is over for the class of 2023.  Will we take the last game win? Will we go to playoffs? Let’s take a peak at how the football players feel about their final season.

“My favorite memory was definitely when we had to run 1500 yards because of a touchdown celebration due to the wide receivers,” said number 52, Jose Esquivel. Esquivel regrets getting hurt in his junior year football season. He was unable to play and regrets not being able to enjoy his year. “I’ve been playing since freshman year.”  Esquivel played football his whole high school career. “It’s sad, I’m going to miss playing with my boys, but we still got a few games to work with.” Esquivel feels a bittersweet melancholy feeling about ending his season with his fellow players who are also his friends. Esquivel’s biggest inspiration would be his father, who “made it out the trenches.”

“I am a senior; my name is Kayson Welch, number 8.” Welch’s favorite memory throughout his football season was catching a slant and running over his fellow player Lorenzo Chavez. Welch is also full of a ton of jokes about his seasons and his teammates. Losing the games really hit Welch hard, but it is all part of the season he said.  One tough loss was “Losing the Hilmar game, 7-21, when it was 7-7 in halftime.” Welch started playing football when he was around six years old and he has been playing ever since. “My biggest inspiration is my father, Rod Welch because he’s my hero.” Welch has a deep feeling for his hero, his dad who’s been supporting him throughout his years in football. “I chose number 8 because Josh McAndrews had number 8 last year and that’s my boy.”

“My name is Ayden Barcellos and I am number 9.” Beating Dos Palos was Barcellos’ favorite football memory from his senior year. “My worst memory was losing against Hilmar last year. I felt really bad. I cried afterwards.” Barcellos started playing football in fourth grade. His brother is his biggest inspiration and helps coach Barcellos’ team. “It sucks that this is my last year because football has always been my whole life and next year, it’ll feel weird.” Barcellos’ whole life has been filled with football.  After Barcellos’ high school career, he won’t continue playing football. “Work as hard as you can,” said Barcellos who gave this advice to any freshman who wants to play football throughout their high school career.

“I’m number 11, and I play running back and safety,” said Mark Carreiro. “This last game against Ceres was honestly the best game I’ve played other; than that, it’s the bond we create as a team, and it feels like family,” Carreiro said when he was asked what his favorite memory was. “I’ve been playing football for around nine years.  The first year I hated it, came to Los Banos and loved it ever since.” Carreiro loves playing football and his biggest inspiration are some of his coaches throughout his years playing. Carreiro chose his jersey number based off his first number when he started playing nine years ago.

The class of 2023 football players say goodbye to their final football season along with all the friends and memories they’ve made within the last four years.