Evelyn Baker Strives for Success

Student Spotlight


Madison Richards, Reporter

Evelyn Baker is a senior who is driven in all aspects of her life.  Her dedication to do well and make the most of her high school experiences has motivated to excel in many areas.  She has taken on multiple activities and clubs along with taking Advanced Placement classes.

Evelyn is a very dedicated student. She takes three AP classes along with a college class, through the LB 2 MC program. She pushes herself to do her best, but she also has some struggles, like the fact that science is not her strong suit, not does she really like English.  Her favorite subject is math. But she understands and acknowledges these challenges, and she always tries her best because she believes “that if you do not try, you can never improve.”

Her classes are not all she focuses on during the year. She is also very active around school. She participates in the Environmental Club as the treasurer, the S Club, and in Future Farmers of America (FFA). When she is not at one of her club meetings, she is helping tutor other students. Her involvement does not stop there.  She is also on the water polo team, the swim team, and track team.

Outside of school she works at her parent’s business Baker Supplies and Repairs. On her free time she says, “I love to hang out with my twin sister and our friends.”

Evelyn is planning to go to college for math. She says, “I would like to either be a financial advisor or an accountant since I love taking math, and I’m really good at it.” She hopes to get into either UC Santa Cruz or UC Santa Barbra.

When asked about who has inspired her and has been her biggest supporters, she said that she has always looked up to her grandparents and have always wanted to make them proud. They have also been some of her biggest supporters throughout all of the clubs and sports she has been in and are so proud of all she has done.

Her motivation and drive runs deep. Evelyn said, “I have always worked hard because I’ve always wanted the best for myself. My parents did their best to give me the wonderful life I have so I want to do the same for myself, not just to make them proud, but to one day have my kids be proud of me and to be a good role model for them and the younger members in my family.”