Students Sauce It Up


Nevaeh Prado and Kayson Welch

What sauces do you like the most? Sauces create diversity in meals and bring extra flavor. Anyone can put anything from ketchup and ranch to buffalo and barbecue on meals to make them even more delicious.

The first ever hot sauce to be manufactured was in 1807, but all around the world, sauces are a delicacy to food everywhere. China soy sauce dates back 2000 years or in India, sauces have evolved majorly over the years. In today’s time, there are over 1,500 sauces and food is simply incomplete without them.

Mr. Waltman, principal, said his top three sauces are barbecue, ketchup, and ranch. He chose these three because “they give flavor to everything.”

Mike Tate, a security guard said his top three sauces are Crystal hot sauce, ranch, and buffalo. He said, “You have spicy, tasty, and cool.”

Eddie Swett (11) also chose Crystal hot sauce, barbecue, and ranch as his top three sauces. He said he loves barbecue sauce to season up chicken and ranch for pizza.

The Paw Print News staff polled students of their favorite sauces and the results are ranch being the most popular, barbecue second to ranch, and buffalo and hot sauce tying for third most popular sauces to eat.