Cross Town Clash Win Pushes Football Team to Playoffs


Nevaeh Prado, Reporter

Friday night, Oct 28, Pacheco High School held the cross town clash football game against Los Banos High. The stands were full on both sides of the field, and it was expected to be the best game of the football season.

The first quarter started and Pacheco started on offense; they got a 25 yard pass and then the next play, Pacheco fumbled and the ball was recovered by Raymond Fernandez #12, to put the Tigers on offense. Then, Kayson Welch, #8, was thrown a hitch pass that led to a 30 yard touchdown within the first few minutes of the first quarter.

The Tigers then proceeded to score four more touchdowns in the first half, and by half time, the score was 35-8. After half time, the Tiger football team came back out with a lot of confidence and the crowd went wild. In the third quarter, Ayden Barcellos, #9, scored a touchdown off a fade pass from quarterback David Herrera, #2, to put the score at 42-8, putting Tigers up.

Finally in the fourth quarter, Isaiah Medina, #6, on the Tigers scored a touchdown to put the score at at 49-8 and then, the last touchdown of the game was scored by  Daniel Scott, #15, on the Pacheco Panthers team to put the score at 49-16, final.

Kayson Welch said his favorite memory from the game was when, “I scored the first touchdown of the game against Daniel Scott, a Panther, and then carried on to score the two point conversion to put the Tigers up 8-0.”

Jackson Silva, #76, said, “As soon as we walked out the tunnel and saw their energy, I knew we won.”

Byron Zuniga, #20, said the crowd was awesome and they hyped the team up and gave motivation to win.

The Tiger team went on to play Buchach Colony, losing 48 to 64, ending a successful season.