Books For Autumn Captivates Season


Alexandria Perez, Reporter

It is finally autumn and the air is crisp and cold. Who doesn’t love books for the cold weather? Reading during this time of year is amazing and brings comfort to everyone. Whether it is romance novels or horror stories, reading during the fall is something everyone should make a habit.

The novel, A Walk To Remember, is a romance novel written by Nicholas Sparks. The book was written and published in October 1999. This book overcomes the hardships young love faces. This book gives a beautiful, heart touching, sensitive feeling to the readers. The main characters, Landon and Jamie, represent a type of love everyone wants in life. In the beginning, Landon seems nonchalant and uninterested, however Jamie changes his perspective on love and life itself. Landon is the popular cool kid who would never be seen with the pastors daughter who reads her bible during lunch. However, Jamie shows Landon the true feeling of love and touches his heart in no way anyone else has. It is definitely a book to leave readers attached to the characters and in tears.

Instead of the girl falling for the bad boy, the bad boy falls for the good girl. I thought the plot of the book was amazing and different from most plots. I loved the characters and the setting of the book. Landon, one of the main characters, changed from a close-minded boy to a man in love with a girl he’d never see himself with. He is a polar opposite from Jaimie, who is a lovely, innocent, and sweet character. Her dad is a pastor which makes her have an innocent character and attitude. She has never really had any experience with a boy which makes her feel an unsettling feeling about him at first. After some time spent together, Jaimie changes her perspective on Landon after he shows her how he has changed.

A Walk to Remember is definitely one of the most romantic and heartfelt novels I have read. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a love story along with a feeling of attachment to characters. I loved the feeling this book has given me, and I have read it over a million times. This is my comfort book and the movie is even more phenomenal. Nicholas Sparks writes amazing love stories which tend to end in a traumatic way. This book is powerful enough to make you feel a million emotions at once. It will definitely leave you teary eyed.