Thanksgiving Traditions Set Holiday Season

Ramon Mondragon, Reporter

What are your Thanksgiving traditions with your family? Thanksgiving is just one week away, and it is a day to gather with your family and friends and have a good time. We talk, we eat and we enjoy each other’s company on Thanksgiving.

A tradition is when your family or friends has certain traditions and customs on a certain day of the year. The are done year after year, and they are passed down generations.

Junior student Jackson Silva says his family Thanksgiving tradition is that they usually eat at lunch time rather than dinner time. They also watch the NFL games on Thanksgiving too with each other.  The NFL also has a Thanksgiving tradition as well as by having three games always played on Thanksgiving day to show the world. The Silva family also enjoys their company by playing court games such as a basketball game or knockout. When it is time for supper, they usually dine on Tri-tip rather than turkey like most families do.

Senior student Kayson Welch enjoys Thanksgiving by watching the NFL games with his family. The Welch family always eats turkey, ham, mac and cheese on Thanksgiving every year. They love gathering around the table and praying before their meal and have supper together.

Junior student Evan Rebosa states that every year they have Thanksgiving at his house. Before the Rebosa family has their Thanksgiving dinner, they all go outside the house and take a family photo. Once they have done that, they have their Thanksgiving supper and watch the NFL games together.

Everyone has their own way to express their enjoyment with their family on Thanksgiving. They either eat something different, do an activity, or do something that is not done usually on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is about a time of love and peace with your loved ones.