Stresses of Job Training

Stresses of Job Training

Alexandria Perez, Reporter

With every new job, there is training. Welcome IHop to our town Los Banos!

This new restaurant is filled with breakfast foods, lunches, and late night dinners. Along with their seasonal gingersnap french toast to the  gingerbread milkshakes and hot chocolates. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to recently get hired and begin working here. I have been training for this restaurant opening since November 10th. IHop restaurant opened December 6, 2022. Training was difficult along with being picked for one of the positions, I scored a position as a server and a to-go specialist.

Training lasted around two weeks and was very stressful and difficult. Training for a new job or even a new restaurant is not an easy process due to the fact that we have competition like Black Bear Diner and Denny’s. During the training process, I learned a lot of information with serving, completing to-go orders, and learning the enormous menu items. I learned the importance of making the customers happy and satisfied with their visit and food. I used to be a hostess at an Olive Garden restaurant, therefore I have experience with working in a restaurant. We practiced taking orders, serving, doing to-go’s, seating, and cashing out our customers. 

Serving is an important part of a restaurant and the restaurant relies a lot on servers for our guests’ experience. Training for a new job is always scary because you tend to be scared of failure. Failure is completely normal for everyone. I personally was scared of failure and let the fear affect my ability to thrive and work. I was always so scared of messing up in a new job. However, mistakes are normal and help you improve in everything you do. Throughout the training, I was forced to improve my social skills and my ability to work with others. Working with difficult customers or even coworkers is hard and frustrating. Sometimes, you aren’t always going to see the other person’s side of their issue and you have to in order to work in the food industry. However, training was amazing and a great learning experience.

Come visit our IHop and enjoy a yummy meal with friends and family!