The Best Albums from 2022

Emily Zaragosa, Reporter

To commemorate the end of the year coming soon, here’s an out of order recap of some of the best albums released in 2022.

  1. Midnights: Taylor Swift

With 1.5 million streams in the first week of the album’s release and becoming the most streamed album in one day on Spotify and Apple Music, it is safe to say that this pop album became a global hit. Swift tells a story through her 13 tracks of her “most sleepless nights” throughout her life as well as releasing a “3AM Edition” with 7 bonus extra tracks. Swift took over all ten spots from the Top 10 Billboard 100 with songs from her Midnights album, the first time a male artist has never been present in the Top 10 spots. Swift is still winning awards to this day for Midnights and her lead single song, “Anti-Hero.” My personal favorites are “Snow On The Beach (ft. Lana Del Day)” and “Lavender Haze”.

2. Harry’s House: Harry Styles

Released in April of 2022, Harry Styles hit records with his lead single from his new album with “As It Was”. Styles later released the date of his new album to come out in May. This 13 track album was something different than what fans had ever expected, with less of a “soft rock” vibe and more of a bright, airy “pop” feel. The most popular song, “As It Was” has gone up for many nominees of “Song of the Year.” Not only giving “pop, happy” vibes, Styles writes two of his most emotional songs like “Matilda” and “Little Freak”, covering family issues and breakups. This album took 2 years for Styes to write. While “As It Was” and “Late Night Talking” hold some of the highest streams, my favorites are “Little Freak” and “Sattelite”.

3. Dawn FM: The Weeknd

Stated as a “refreshingly light and accessible listen” by the Rolling Stones, Dawn FM is The Weeknd’s fifth studio album and a bestselling album this year in 2022. Dawn FM showscases vulnerability and wistful longing, as opposed to other albums previously made with darker undertones. With a more 80’s R&B vibe, Out of Time became one of the most popular songs off the album. Dawn FM has gone up as nominee for Album of the Year multiple times in 2022. Other hits include “Take My Breath” and “How Do I Make You Love Me?” My personal favorite is “Is There Someone Else?”

4. emails i can’t send: Sabrina Carpenter

A highly underrated and unappreciated album released in July of 2022 was pop album “emails i can’t send” by Sabrina Carpenter. While this album is the fifth studio album released by Carpenter, in my opinion, this is the most lyrically inclined and audiblly aesthetic album she has yet to release. Starting off the album with her title track, “emails i can’t send”, Carpenter tells her story of how her family, fatherly issues have impacted her relationship with men in her adolescent life. Her album is originally based from emails she sent to her therapist throughout quarintine and tells a story of a hard hiting breakup. The lead single song (and most popular song) is “because i liked a boy” based off of ex boyfriend, Joshua Basset, and all the drama she faced with the infamous love traingle with Carpenter, Joshua Basset, and Olivia Rodrigo. My personal favorites are “Read Your Mind” and “Tornado Warnings”.

5. Her Loss: Drake, 21 Savage

Her Loss by Drake and 21 Savage was an extremely anticipated and hyped album for this year. Fans could not expect what would come from this famous collaberation and were not disappointed. In this 16 track album, Drake and 21 Savage bounce energy off of each other creating energetic and smooth songs. Her Loss’s tracks quickly made top 8 spots on the Billboard 100, alongside “Anti-Hero” at Number 2. Fans claim that this album brings back into Drake’s older album vibes, another famous album called If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late. My favorites are “Major Distribution” and “Spin Bout U”.